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Our Foreign technical partners mainly provide among other things, the measurement and instrumentation services, which include:
  • Tank Calibration (Land and Ship Tanks, as the case may be)
  • Flow Meter Calibration (Ships and Oil Installation)
  • Flow Meter Maintenance
  • Auto Sampling of Crude Oil and Products
  • Flow Process Design
  • Quantity/Quality determination of Crude/Petroleum Products mostly at loading and above all price verification
  • Inspection
  • Attestation of invoice
  • Issuance of Reports to Government
  • Other superintending services that may be required
  • Cargo Surveys
  • Cargo Sampling (bulk, bagged, etc)
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080-333-861-67 -

We distinguish ourselves in the oil and gas inspection services, to be the BEST, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE inspection company for price verifications, quality and quantity with proven track record in bulk oil survey