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JBIS key staff in the past have undertaken bulk oil inspections for reputable inspection companies such as: SGS, Saybolt, Caleb Brett and Inspectorate etc. between the key personnel they have over twenty-five (25) years of experience working in the field.

They have performed the various under listed tasks associated with bulk oil survey inspection;

  •  Crude oil and gas gauging
  •  Petroleum products gauging
  •  Palm oil gauging
  •  Laboratory analysis

Our surveyors have been trained in the following areas: •

  •  Equipment Calibration 
  •  Use of Gauging Equipment
  •  Gauging Techniques
  •  Manual Sampling Equipment/Techniques
  •  Sample Handling • Vessel Loading Inspection
  •  Pre-loading Tank Inspection

Our highly experienced surveyors are drawn from leading inspection agencies in the world. This gives us a leading edge in bulk oil survey/inspection in Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa.

JBIS Professional staff represents an extraordinary depth and diversity of expertise from which we are able to hand-pick precisely the right team for each client assignment.

We Pride ourselves on quality responsiveness, integrity, creativity and cost-effectiveness in the field of bulk oil survey.

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080-333-861-67 - info@jbisng.com

We distinguish ourselves in the oil and gas inspection services, to be the BEST, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE inspection company for price verifications, quality and quantity with proven track record in bulk oil survey